Hello Lindhaus,

Last week I bought a new Valzer Digital battery powered vacuum cleaner.

We were tired of our Dyson canister vacuum cleaner for various reasons: very noisy, uncomfortable to use with insufficient filtration for our allergy.

Emptying and cleaning the filter was frustrating, dirt everywhere and we had to use the mask.

Every day I discover the excellent qualities of the new battery broom, we used it a few times, until it stopped yesterday after about 35 min. using the residual charge it already had when new. After 90 min. it was already charged. I believe that for the ns. I use the machine with a charged battery it will safely reach 60 min. you declare and we could vacuum all our house of about 120m2 at least 4 times.

We have reduced cleaning time by about 50% because we no longer have to go back and forth, unplug and plug it back in. The on-board accessories are very useful and always ready for use and the universal nozzle with wheels open on all 4 sides makes the machine light and easy to handle and is perfect on floors and carpets.

Congratulations, you have created a super machine

Max G.

Vicenza 06.04.2021

Oggetto: RE: LW46 Dual Core

Dear Michele Massaro,
Thank you very much for your answer and advice.

In the end, everything is fine. The sharp object made a small invisible hole in the hose. The machine is now fully functional. I and our customers are very satisfied with the LW46. We have great feedback! Great job from you. Please do you have more marketing material? (photos in action, videos, etc.)

Da: Jiří Vala 
Inviato: martedì 20 ottobre 2020 07:44

Hi Michele,

last night I tried Roby.

Fantastic, quiet, so much autonomy, it cleans well and passes under the container bed.

Congratulations nice product!

Paolo M. Padua


We are a Facility Management company operating in the UK. First and foremost just wanted to say thank you for Robby,

we have had him vacuuming and mopping our office this year and we think he is a fantastic addition.

We think of him as our office mascot and is always a good talking point!

I am looking to promote Robby to our other offices and divisions.

Mr. H.W., UK

Oct. 02.2019

Good morning Mr. Conzatti, first of all we thank you for the prompt reply to our message. Returned from our journey, this morning we went to Ecoclean, where they immediately solved the problem of our carpet cleaner. So the purchase of a new carpet cleaner has shifted over time, but – be sure of it – it will be your production. Thanks again for your very kind assistance and compliments for the organization and quality of your products.

Cordial greetings.
Giorgio and Carla T.

P.S. let’s not miss an opportunity to inform friends and acquaintances about the quality of your products and we know that some of our friends have already got it 09/09/2019

To Whom it May Concern,

I have owned and used my Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaner for at least two decades. 

It is STILL doing its usual fine job even after all of the years it has been in use. 

It has also been low maintenance. The vacuum has been in for repair only once in those years. 

I wash the filters as often as the instructions indicate. It’s a fine machine!

A Lindhaus User

 Sid B.

Brunswick, ME 



Hey awesome video! I’m proud to say that Lindhaus for over 10 years is the only vacuum company that I swear by for it’s quality and performance! Keep up with the videos! I’m hoping to get some other popular vacuum review channels to check these out because these should get the attention they deserve!

May 03 2019 

I have the previous model (LW30) for 10 Years and it’s just perfect!

I have the previous version (LW30) for 10 years now and it is still perfect, it does its job very well, I use it very often and clean and dry perfectly. Highly recommended, goodbye mocho !!!

Federico Calzavara 05.02.2019

> From: Aileen G. Norris

> Sent: Friday, April 20, 2018 1:18 PM

> To: Info

> Subject: Re: Replacement bags

> My Lindhaus has been the best machine I have ever had. I am

> seventy-two years young , I have had my share of other brands. This

> cleans to my satisfaction every time. I will never purchase any other.


> A while back I was talked into another machine by a fast talking Kirby

> salesman. He took my Lindhaus machine as down payment. I called the

> home office the next morning and told them to cancel that order and he

> best return my Lindhaus machine at once. I reported the salesman for

> the coercion tactic he used with me as well as our HOA Board because

> salespeople are not allowed door to door in our neighborhood.


> My Lindhaus machine was returned within days!


> Aileen Norris

> Rock Hill, SC

Luca Biasato suggest Lindhaus:

“Quality, price, efficiency and spare parts at the right pricesi”


Fulvia Buniotto

I’ve had this Lindhaus Valzer vacuum cleaner for the past 28 years and I would not change it for anything in the world !!!! Say it is fantastic, and very functional!!!!!

From: Stephen Gross

Subject: LW30 and Diamante 300

Date: May 8, 2018 at 4:07:51 PM CDT


 Hi Al,

Thanks for the info about Neutrolux. I need:

1 case of Neutrolux
1 box of filters for the Diamante 300 (A4)

I have owned the LW30 floor scrubber and Diamante 300 vacuum cleaner for over 5 yrs. I clean a 2800 sq.ft. floor every 2 wks with the LW300. I use the Lindhaus Neutrolux cleaning solution. The floor should be swept or vacuumed before scrubbing. The LW300 is excellent and leaves no residue- no need to rinse after cleaning. This machine leaves the floor clean and dry. The rotating brush even cleans the grout in-between the tiles. The floor looks new after scrubbing.

The Diamante 300 is also an excellent product. The carpet we use it on is a short nap- it’s really important to have a height adjustment like the Diamante 300 has when you vacuum different types of carpet. This vacuum also has an electrstatic exhaust filter and prevents the reintroduction of airborne dirt particles into the home. A HEPA filter is also available. Another quality product from Lindhaus.

To sum it up, Lindhaus offers a high quality well engineered product- that’s unusual in today’s world.

I highly recommend these products- they are of a much higher built quality than other brands and should last a long time.

Stephen Gross
American Airlines
737 captain retired

January 10, 1918

Mr. Al Carpenter

Lindhaus USA

Dear Al,

I am writing this letter to let you know how happy we are with our purchases of the Lindhaus machines. We have used the Lindhaus Health care Hepa vac for our home and offices for about 15 years and have loved their performance and durability. So it was a no-brainer to replace it with another one when it wore out. The big question was a floor scrubber. We looked at some and tried some that our friends had and they did not get the job done. As you know, our home flooded during Hurricane Harvey with 22 inches of water….and it was dirty scummy creek water! It took a very strong detergent and a lot of scrubbing to clean the items we were able to salvage. Tackling the floors was a job that I didn’t want to start so I called several companies to get quotes for having our tile floors and grout cleaned. We have about 1750 sq ft downstairs and they wanted $1500 to do it. That’s when I called you to see if you had a good floor scrubber, and I’m glad I made that call. I could buy a machine and have it to maintain our floors on a regular basis for less money than it would cost for a one time cleaning. The best part is how clean the floors are after scrubbing with the Lindhaus LW30 Pro ! I was amazed at the nasty brown water that came out of the pickup tank! The machine is so easy to use and cleanup when done. With this process it really doesn’t require a lot of your detergent. It took less than a half day to clean these floors and that included moving items out of the way to scrub the floors.

My wife says I’m a tightwad…I say thrifty!! Either way this is some of the best money we have ever spent on a machine we knew nothing about.

Bottom line..if you want a toy go to the big box store and waste you money on a cheapie… or get a Lindhaus LW30 and make an investment in a machine that will give you performance and durability.

Lindhaus beat Hurricane Harvey!!!!

Thanks again for you help and top quality products.

Jerry Wolf

Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2016 11:06 AM

Subject: Love our Lindhaus!

Hello! I just wanted to take a moment and share some positive feedback regarding our Lindhaus vacuum cleaner. My husband and I purchased it about

17 years ago and have been thoroughly pleased with its cleaning performance, ease of use including using the attachments and changing the bags and filters, the weight of the machine, and it’s longevity. 

We’ve had it serviced a time or two and have had to replace a couple of minor things but all in all it’s been a wonderful vacuum cleaner and we do plan to get another Lindhaus when the time comes to replace it.


Carolyn Smith

Jac Miller 

5* This is by far the best vacuum cleaner and product line I’ve run across. 

6 dicembre 2015 

Dear Consumers, I turn to you to bring my experience of Lindhaus customer.

I was really amazed by the kindness, courtesy, speed of this company.

I own a scrubber dryer Lindwash 30, amazing machine that gives me awesome results and saves me a lot of work and effort. Using it is very simple and the results speak for themselves. It’s very robust but it is still a machine and it may happen that failures. As a repair engineer in this field, I proceeded personally to repair it. I was impressed by the care with which it is designed and the high quality components used. They did not economize in the use of any materials and not even in the refined assembly precision. It s a joy to handle a machine designed to be repaired. No modern Chinese stuff disposable gives the possibility.

I found the fault I contacted Lindhaus and in no time my Lindwash was working again. A modern multinational company would give me the spare parts (if they had given them to me …) in a lot of time at high cost; Lindhaus instead stood out even in this.

I can only do two things, thank warmly Lindhaus for this incredible experience and personally recommend this company to all of you: try and you will not regret! A machine may be the most beautiful and best in the world, but without a serious company behind, listening to you even after sale, is nothing but a Chinese stuff disposable.

Nicola Marcon, Rivignano (UD)

Oct. 16.2015

Bryan David Flach

5stellaBest vacuum ever!! I’m extremely satisfied with my recent purchase.

30 aprile 2015 

Hi Al,

I rarely give feedback but I feel compelled to make an exception in this case and let you know what a pleasure it was to deal with you, and Lindhaus U.S.A. 

As the owner of five different homes over the years, I have been on the receiving end of many companies’ customer service. Lately, the experience has gotten downright unpleasant. I find it is next to impossible to locate a phone number these days. If I am resourceful enough to find a phone number, I inevitably need to listen to a long recording that gives me many options, none of which I want, and takes me on a journey of several more recordings. Once I get the right department I am put on hold for what seems like forever. When I finally have contact with a person, often times they are from another country and the communication is very difficult. 

In other words, good customer service does not exist any more, EXCEPT at Lindhaus U.S.A. As I was researching vacuums on the internet, I came across the Lindhaus brand, which I was not familiar with. I had some questions that I wanted answered and was prepared for the merry-go-round customer service treatment that I just described. 

Instead a pleasant sounding person answered the phone. A real, live person! I couldn’t believe it. I asked if there was anyone available that could answer questions about their vacuums. She said, “Just a moment, please.” I was put on hold only long enough to transfer the call to you, Al. You kindly and patiently answered all of my questions. This excellent experience in customer service alone made me want to buy from Lindhaus.

The other great news is that I found my dream vacuum cleaner. I have been searching for a vacuum that would work well on the ‘Silkstrand’ carpet we purchased for our whole house two years ago. 

When I asked you about the troubles I had with vacuuming it, you knew about the carpet and told me that one of your dealers said that the Lindhaus Activa 30 vacuum cleaner worked well on it. I was able to go to our local vacuum dealer and try it out against another manufacturer’s model that was twice the cost. The Activa worked much better. 

It also seems like it is built well for the price. I’d encourage Lindhaus to contact DuPont or whoever manufactures Silkstrand and ask to have the Activa 30 added to their “preferred vacuum cleaner list”. I have two other ones they list but one doesn’t work at all and the other one costs three times as much as the Activa 30 AND is a canister, which is very hard to use without tripping over it.

Thank you, Al, for your great customer service and thank you Lindhaus for your great product.

Sandy Geary

Milan, 02/03/2015

Thank you for the speed with which I have indicated where to turn for spare parts and accessories. I already bought the bags where I have indicated both for me and for my son, to whom I gave the vacuum cleaner Lindhaus to absolute filtration with the hospital because it is an allergy sufferer. My vacuum cleaner Lindhaus Waltzer was purchased over 20 years ago and works as the first day! And so when my son went to live alone I had no doubts about which vacuum cleaners give him! Thank you again.


S.G. – Milan

“We are owners of a medical center.

Four years ago we bought two electric brooms Sissy and now I want to buy two more.

After years of Vorwerk Folletto your Sissy has outclassed and canceled it. At least as we see it.

Thank you and congratulations for your product! greetings! Drs P. and M. “


“Good morning, I wanted to inform you that yesterday afternoon I got the electric broom Valtzer “.

It is spectacular, much better than the Vorwerk Folletto. I’m really happy with what I have bought.

Yesterday morning also I was handed the package with the missing material, the blower and powder for washing carpets.

Congratulations to the timeliness of the service! I thank all of you and also for paying the shipping fees for this second pack. My son was surprised about your behavior.

Sincerely, S. Mariella – Pistoia “


“Good morning, first of all thank you again for the availability and the courtesy and the timeliness of care on my scrubber dryer.

I will take note of your suggestions and I am sure that the machine will have… long life ……!

Additional thanks. To Lindhaus. Next time we talk together we hope is just to say hello, not tied to service calls) …… “LR – Caserta


“I’m happy with the purchase of a ” Linda ” electric broom, so much that I immediately proceeded to share your contact with three people I know who were involved, one of which will open a small business. I hope you can conclude a few more sales.

Meanwhile, thank you very much, Laura “


I own a model before Letizia (HF6). Never had any problem. Still running fine after 10 Years.

Giulio B.

July, 16 2014

I have a golden retriever. I was complaining about the dog hair that killed my last vacuum. Let’s admit it– I should have known that a 5 year old $50 vacuum probably couldn’t handle that. My carpet had become dingy– so dingy that I thought it was tan. A friend was upgrading her Lindhaus to a HEPA-Pro RX version from her old Valzer. She gave it to me because her “broken vacuum is better than most other vacuums on the market”.

Even though the bottom plate was broken (among other things… she was replacing it), the first time I ran it, I nearly filled the bag with hair & dust. I ran it again and filled it half way.

At that point, I decided to clean the carpet. I purchased a Healthcare Pro & the Lindhaus dry carpet cleaner.

I didn’t realize my carpet was as dirty as it was. I didn’t realize how horrible my allergies were. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to live like that.

Thank you, Lindhaus.

Tanya J.

Nashville, TN.

PS. Thank you for shipping me a dry carpet cleaner plate. Even dealing with the company directly made me feel like a million bucks.

Dear Lindhaus

We are a family of Genoa that recently there has discovered through a search on the Internet. We needed a powerful vacuum cleaner that would help fight against hair mites and so quickly and efficiently (we have a small child allergic). We wanted to thank you for having reached out and recommended in a professional and polite. Especially the thanks goes to Mr. Stefano Conzatti that has always proved capable and competent in helping us to better use the vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner model “Aria Platinum”, we believe exceeds all expectations and we highly recommend it to those of us who need a thorough cleaning to limit allergies and why not live in a healthier environment.

A few days ago suddenly our trusty vacuum cleaner stopped working. We immediately contacted Stefano who responded immediately to withdraw the machine and repair it. Fortunately the fault was minimal (the cord rewinder). I say this to emphasize the speed of the performance!

7 days and at no cost.

Very great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I recently purchased the Vs. LW30 scrubber dryer which I have already begun to appreciate the quality.

I take this opportunity to tell you that I have chosen the your product instead of the. direct competitor (just like domestic format mean, not sure how … … quality and price) on the basis of the comments raised by experts and I must say that in addition to the quality of the result I was impressed by the combination of efficiency, quality of materials and simple construction (which is then reflected in the ease of maintenance) that you have managed to blend in this product, indicating that you have definitely achieved the goal of transferring your philosophy in your products.

All this is definitely for you a great pride and a relief for me to think that there are still Italian reality that link all about quality and personally in my small way I will not fail to make known vs. mark the occasions that I will present themselves.

Thanks for your work and for the courtesy and availability in responding to my emails.

I cordially greet you,

D.M. – Prov. VR

Hi, Al! I am fine and my Lindhaus is fabulous. I vacuum at least once a week, often twice, and I swear I think of you every single time. The Lindhaus brand has so much goodwill in my mind due to your help and service over the years. I hope you and your family are doing well and have a lovely fall season also!


19 dicembre alle ore 13:18 · Warr Acres · 

A customer from Arizona had this to say about the Lindhaus LW Pro Scrubber Drier: 
“OMG, just used my new Lindhaus floor machine for the first time, I am so grossed out at what the water looked like! I had a cleaning service here on Thursday to clean my house. They cleaned the floors with vinegar and water and a mop due to my allergies, I thought my floors were clean! And still they were disgusting! When you walk across them after using the Lindhaus, you can feel how clean the floors are! I am blown away by how well it cleans!!!”

Thanks Paola, HF6 is an excellent machine. 

We are very pleased with the machine. Seven bedrooms with Persian rugs and wooden floors. The machine is great for this.

Gareth (UK)

29 april 2019