What machines and detergents to use for sweeping and washing industrial floors

Cleaning industrial floors is a weak point in many companies. Sometimes small and versatile machines are required to wash hard-to-reach areas  and under  machineries but just as efficient and strong as the much larger machines to remove even the most difficult dirt, as oil stains or old marks of trolleys.


First of all, there is the daily cleaning. In the video we show all the efficiency and ease of use of the Lindhaus LS38 L-ion, mini sweeper, which is also ideal for mixed environments hard floor/carpet. Thanks to the twin force, the patented mechanical collection system + suction  and the 6-level filtration system, this machine effectively vacuums dust and debris on the first pass up to a thickness of 9 mm.


We then move on to the floor washing. We use the LW38 eco Force, a compact scrubbing machine, together with Lindhaus Actiplus, universal degreasing detergent for floors soiled with vegetable, animal and mineral oils and fats. This machine, thanks to its maneuverability, is ideal for cleaning areas with encumbrances and, as can be seen from the video, thanks to the low profile (14 cm only) it cleans under  industrial machines, removing the dirt that is produced in a normal working day.


How to remove the most stubborn dirt? The video shows all the effectiveness of the combination scrubber drier LW46 HybridActistrong, liquid degreasing detergent specifically developed for the removal of this type of dirt otherwise impossible to remove, also typical of high-traffic floors, such as supermarkets and shopping malls.


Just spray the detergent on the surface where the dirt needs to be removed, wait 5 minutes, perform a couple of steps forward / backward with the LW46 and the result will be surprising.



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