An advanced 3D printer to produce the prototypes of the new Lindhaus machines

The industry of 3D printers used by small and medium companies has been very

dynamic in the last years. There are economical 3D printers on the market

($ 500.00) yet not comparable with the professional, high quality printers

Lindhaus decided to use. In Lindhaus we have been using a 3D printer for

10 years. The new 3D printer of the latest generation we use to make  the

prototypes of new carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and scrubber driers has

been improved in many aspects: quality of the product, reduction of production

time, ability to print different materials and a significant cost savings of raw material.


The printer quality has considerably improved compared to the first machines.

The prototype can now be made of different structural materials with great results

in terms of functionality, design and mechanical strength. The prototyping time is

reduced to 1/5 compared to previous.


The largest prototype size that can be achieved using the new generation printer

we use is another significant aspect, getting parts up to 30% bigger. This means

less pieces to be assembled for the realization of a prototype, in order to obtain a

stronger product structure.


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