LB4 Superleggera: Lithium battery and Rotafil motors for maximum reliability and low power consumption

700 W and 1500 hours of maintenance-free life time for the electric version, 400W and 3000 hours for the battery model.


Energy saving is another strength of this machine thanks to the use of Rotafil motors. This combines reliability and high

performance at extremely low power consumption. Only 400W for the battery powered version and 700W for the electric

version which corresponds to energy class “A+”.


Rotafil motors ensure 1500 hours of maintenance-free life time in the electric version, while it is 3000 hours in the battery

powered version.

The motor protection in the electric version is thermal and by-pass valve. In the battery powered model the electronic

board provides a “soft start” plus the brush motor overload control and battery charger level control with

automatic shutdown.


As for the special lithium-ion batteries, the performance is extremely high: 36V-6Ah and running time of 30 min.  Easily

replaceable within a few seconds, quick release without tools, the battery recharges in 90 min. and provides 800 full

charging cycles.


After many comparative tests, Lindhaus has chosen a battery specially designed for its needs, which is currently being

used on three models of its commercial line: besides being standard on LB4 Superleggera, we also find it on the compact

floor scrubber LW30pro L-ion and the multifunction vacuum sweeper LS38 L-ion.






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