Lindhaus M28R floor tool vs. competitors floor tool

The comparison between the Lindhaus M28R universal floor tool and carpet nozzle used on the new

LB4 Superleggera backpack vacuum cleaner vs. one of the most commonly used nozzles on competitors’

machines, proves the suction efficiency of the patented Lindhaus nozzle.


The test highlighted in the video, carried out according to the Eco Design standards, shows that with

one pass only, the Lindhaus nozzle picks up almost completely the salt put in the groove (3 mm widths

x 10 mm depth) while the competing nozzle, despite 5 passes picks up a very minimal amount.


The test was carried out using a LB4 Superleggera backpack vacuum cleaner in the electric version with

700W of power. The results are also great with the battery model L-ion although the power is 400W. 


The exceptional performance of the M28R floor tool glides effortlessly on any surface thanks to the 4

rubber wheels. All Lindhaus vacuum cleaners and electric brooms are available with the Lindhaus universal

nozzles (M28R, M29R, M32R) with the same patented designed to achieve the maximum performance.


Michele Massaro presents the new LB4 Superleggera at CMS Berlin 2017

Michele Massaro, Lindhaus President, presents the features of the new backpack vacuum cleaner in the

video shot by Dimensione Pulito magazine, who we thank for the permission to publish.

The Lindhaus Professional eco Force range was presented at the Cleanexpo Moscow, November 12-15, 2017.



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