The false myth of the bagless vacuum cleaner

Supported by the mass media of the multinational companies, bagless

vacuum cleaners / carpet cleaners make bagged machines appear as

ancient finds. This is not the case and we explain why at Lindhaus we

keep producing and selling machines with disposable dust bag that once full,

must be replaced with a new one. We understand that this operation

represents an additional cost, but it is also thanks to this basic choice that

our machines are well known on the market for their great reliability.

Users change the dust bag and the machine remains “new” inside, with the

same high suction power and low consumption.  What happens instead using

bagless machines over time is shown very clearly in the video. The bagged

machine is a hygienic and anti-allergic choice. The HEPA filters capture

up to 99.96% of the microparticles and dust in the air, while in bagless

machines the dirt is not collected in a disposable dust bag, but it accumulates

in the bin and can be harmful if breathed while emptying it, especially for

allergic people.




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