LW44 Flexy – LW52 Flexy


  • Design, technology and construction 100% made in Italy
  • Can be used with battery or current inverter
  • High efficiency Rotafil brushless suction motors
  • 2 self-cooling Rotafil gearmotors
  • Easy to handle and light, just drive them, they go by themselves!
  • Patented Flexy joint free or lockable in any position
  • Removable solution tanks mounted on the body frame
  • Recovery tank with Hepa filter integrated in the base
  • 36V-20Ah lithium-ion battery for 90 minutes of autonomy
  • The base is the lowest on the market (219mm)
  • Hourly output above average (1500 sqm/h)
  • Front and wall washing and drying
  • Steering nozzle for perfect drying even in curves
  • Immediate replacement of brushes and squeegee without tools
  • It folds up on itself for transport even in a car
  • Very low weight and noise level

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LW44 – LW52 Flexy Hybrid

Professional battery-powered floor scrubber driers: dynamic washing and excellent drying.

High tech innovation


Thanks to the display on the handle, it is possible, simply by stretching a finger, to manage all the functions of the machine, set them according to your needs and check the battery charge level.


The floor squeegee nozzle is steered to vacuum perfectly even when turning and can be removed without tools. The squeegees can be rotated to be used on all four sides and contribute to the maximum reduction of operating costs.

The machine is equipped with two counter-rotating brushes projecting both laterally and frontally for washing up to the wall.

The brushes are easily replaced thanks to their quick bayonet coupling. Emptying and washing the recovery tank and replacing the Hepa H11 washable filter are very simple operations thanks to the easy opening of the tank.


  • The tank for clean water is hooked directly on the body frame and equipped with a dosing cap.
  • The recovery tank, mounted on the base, is equipped with a float and Hepa H11 motor protection filter. The washable Hepa filter is treated with the bactericidal-virucidal product I-Protec to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • The patented Flexy joint allows the body frame to rotate 360​​° and lock in the desired position with a single lever, making it adaptable to the needs and height of any operator. It also allows easy access under tables and low furniture and allows the machine to be folded to be transported even in a car.


The machine is equipped with a powerful 36V-20Ah lithium-ion battery

which allows an autonomy of 90 minutes; the powerful Lindhaus charger

allows it to be fully recharged in just 3 hours. HYBRID WITH LINDHAUS INVERTER (optional): we have developed a miniaturized but very powerful self-ventilated inverter for all the machines of the L-ion line. It is equipped with a 12.5 m cable and makes the machine usable without interruptions.


The high efficiency 36VDC – 300W Rotafil single-stage By-Pass Brushless suction motor, produced by the subsidiary Rotafil in Padua, has 3 speeds to obtain 200, 250 and 300 Watts of power. Despite the very low consumption, its performance is amazing even at the minimum speed. The two self-ventilated gear motors are also built by the subsidiary Rotafil and thanks to the careful study of every detail, from the magnetic lamination to the gears, to the high reduction ratio, they provide high torque with low consumption and extremely low operating temperatures.


The electronic board with 9 UV-C LED lamps (optional) is easily installed by removing the transparent PC plate under the machine and connecting it to the appropriate connector already present on all machines. The UV-C lamps, which do not produce ozone, emit ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 270-280 nm and have the function of inactivating viruses, bacteria and fungi, preventing their proliferation.

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