Diamante 300e – 380e

  1. No tools are required to replace the brush roller or to clean the base housing.
  2. DCS is the patented integrated Lindhaus dry-cleaning system. The mechanical action of the 5000 rpm brush in conjunction with the Lindhaus dry compound provide thorough cleaning which results in soft, fresh, clean carpet.
  3. Diamante has a patented weight distribution system that allows the handle weight to be only 860g (1.9lb).

Full set of accessories are placed on board and a slot to hold extra replacement bags.

Accessories placed on board include: extension hose with handle grip, telescopic wand, crevice tool, upholstery tool with bristles, square brush and slot to hold and extra replacement bag.


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DIAMANTE 300e – 380e

Two motor ultra light carpet cleaner


  • Light handle weight
  • Ultra strong metal brush supports with bearings
  • Extremely stable
  • Accessories integrated on board
  • Replacement filter bag on board
  • Integrated dry cleaning system
  • Interchangeable roller covers for carpets and floors
  • Telescopic handle for maximum comfort
  • Special shoe plate for carpet / floor
  • Carpet – floor – DCS function

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