HF6 Pro eco FORCE

Multifunction vacuum / carpet cleaner


  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-efficiency 750 W Rotafil motor
  • Integrated onboard accessories
  • 6-stage filtration with Hepa filter (optional)
  • Integrated powerful blowing function
  • 14 lt. filter bag microfiber
  • Quick electrified connection for power nozzle



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Record the guarantee

  1. Full range of professional accessories on board, particularly appreciated by hotels and professional operators. The machine is equipped with full bag light and motor thermal protection.
  2. The blowing function (as powerful as a compressor) is standard and very useful to dislodge the most difficult dust to be sucked. With the help of a second hose it is possible to blow and suck at the same time.
  3. The 6-stage filtration system with the 3M Filtrete exhaust micro filter can be implemented with a HEPA filter (for clean rooms) or an active carbon filter / micro filter (for smelly environments).

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